Sponsor Me

Sponsors are warmly welcome here :) How to sponsor?

I accept four ways of sponsorship : giving me your products to be worn and promoted, sponsoring on a giveaway, advertise your shop on my side bar advertisement, and writing a product /shop review.. 
Send me an email to nathaliekartikaputri@yahoo.com for the details

For the first way: I accept mostly all fashion or beauty products and gadgets. All products which have been sent will not be returned back. I'll put a linked picture of your shop on this page, but I won't put it on my side bar
For the second way:  It can be national or international giveaway, it depends on your decision. Shipping cost will be charged on you.
For the third way: Price may vary, it depends on how long you want it to be displayed. I promise that the price will be valuable.
For the fourth way: Please contact me for further information.

Thanks :)

PS: You can also contact me via twitter @nathaliekartika for my number or BB pin