Friday, March 5, 2010

grey and black zebra

tank top:U2; leggings:forever21; blazer:unbranded; shoes:unbranded; belt:forever21; bag:mangdu; necklace:forever21; bangles:bandung,mangdu; rings:yellowline,forever21



tadaaaa.. this is the first time i got a fashion blogger award
i got this award from Sara Josephine @ a day to remember

and i'll pass this award to :
anita from Joy and Amore
febrina from Red Pump Shoes
yudia ayu from Black Ectasy
ci alviana from AlvianaKalin


Veren Lee said...

adiknya ci febri ya, ci?
so adorable :D

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog,
have a nice weekend,
veren .a little princess.

djhanq said...

you look diff from ur sis,
way more feminime *which is good :)

i love ur bag and legging :)
hit me back
tattoo freak

AlvianaKalin said...

thank you for the comment yah nat.. panggil lu nat aja kan? hehe. thanks for the award too!

AlvianaKalin said...

oh iya sampe lupa komen outfitnya! itu blazernya sama legging g suka banget!! :D

- t h a m i a - said...

nice combination of your outfit. blazer sm tightnya kren ;)

Anonymous said...

haii,thank loh awardnya..btw sama cantik kaya cc nya,love your shoes :)

piping said...

halllooo natt! wiw, we got the same name ya buat depannya aja, hihihih. woow, i adore ur blazer and zebra legging for sure! uber kewlll!! hihihih, anw, gilaaa kalo rambut ku di potong lagii, seteres dah kalo kependekan, hihihi


AlvianaKalin said...

g umur 18 nhi taon ini. loe umur brp?? hehehe. ga ush panggil cc lahhh. berasa tua dong haha. :D

janet said...

great style! :)
love ur blazer!

michelle_ said...

cool outfit dear :D
thanks much for the comments dear !
visit - follow - comment me back at..
glisters and blisters

Ladyulia said...

I love ur outfit...

Yulia Rahmawati
"Get Up,Survive,Go Back to The Bed"

Marla Singer said...

nice shoes and bag <3

Anonymous said...

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Owen said...

hey, nice outfit :)
mind to exchange link?

michellehendra said...

badanmu kok bagusss sekali! :DLOVE LOVE LOVE
the accessories!


Owen said...

thankyou, udah di link yaaa hehe follow back juga if you mind :)

Anonymous said...

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