Friday, March 26, 2010

Vanilla Twilight






me and melissa @ senayan city
me and feb - check out her blog red pump shoes

with my daddy @ tony roma'sPhotobucket
the twins Melissa ( left ) and Michaella ( right )





U2 white tank top - monaco floral skirt - unbranded black blazer - forever21 lace socks - unbranded black heels - unbranded black bag - forever21 necklace (feb's-from talisha) - unbranded white and pink bangle - forever21 blue snake's skin bangle - forever21 flower ring - barbie ring

and now i want to introduce my new teddy bear , cocobi !!! i bought it at Teddy House when i went to Senayan City. first i wanted to buy Tobi Bear size 12, but they said that's sold out. so i bought Erika Bear. Mell and Michie bought the same bear. feb bought Philip Bear




memii - creamy - cocobi ( left - right )

cocobi (left) - cocobi and cocomil feb's(right)


michelle_ said...

the food looks good darling !
suree ak exchange link :D i'll put you up soon yah !
btw lu lagi libur ? hehe
hugs and kisses ..
glisters and blisters

bella francisca said...

ihh lucu bgt bonekany bs d pkein bju?
hahahha, really love your heels ;)

xo, bee ♥

ye55i said...

Hei... I've already linked your blog! =)
Itu bonekanya lucuuuu bngt! hihihi.. di seblah mana sih teddy house nya?

Dylana Suarez said...

Your skirt looks amazing! The way you put the outfit together is so cool!

Susan said...

nice outfit and love your shoess!
the food look good too :]
boneka nya juga lucu banget. ini bonekanya bisa di ganti" gtu ya bajunya? hehehe..

5 minutes of fame

u-ung said...

kereeenn..!!!waaa cute bgt tuh baju2 mini si Teddy..hahahaha

- t h a m i a - said...

natt, the blazer and the skirt is cute hehe. the heels look cute too paired with the lacey socks. iya gur jg prnah msuk teddy house lcu2 bangett hihi. beli baju teddynya bnyak bgt yh :))

blackecstasy said...

lucu" deh boneka nya
and for sure cinta ma wedges nya! lucu bangettt!!
yudia aiiu

Marcell-a said...

nice outfit :D
are you 13 ?
nice blog.
i'm following. mind following back?

michellehendra said...

aduu.. lucu banget! banget! banget! makanannya kek enak banget lagi.. yumm.. food craving! :D


ForeistCage said...

whoa..nice outfits!
i want you shoes and skirt!lovelovelove..:D

t a l i s h a said...

cute teddy bear!.. and your shoes are ah-ma-zing! :)

Veren Lee said...

cool outfit. ak link ya blognyaa :)
koleksi teddy bear yah? :D

Anonymous said...

ho dear thx 4 dropping by yah! :D
you're febrina's sister arent you? ;)

wanna exchange link? :D

What the Street Wears said...

i love it *-*

Taylor Sterling said...

you are darling!! I love the way you put things together!!

diana! said...

astaga itu baju2 boneka na lucu banget!!kek baju bayii

Diana Ang said...

love your necklace :D

Retriana Maharani said...

blazernya lucu bgt hehehe plus rok nya

Sai Sai said...

fabulous outfit! i like the lace on your shoes or it is a lacey socks..

I'll follow your blog..mind to follow mine? thanks...


stellectism said...

hello! you look awesome! stylish as always, just like your sister (: i definitely love your accesorizes. pretty necklace!
ps.: i love the outerwear in your previous pot as well!

kelly said...

love ur shoes!
nice blog! :) visit mine please heheh

RATU said...

when the first time I saw your heels and lace socks, I was like "OH MY GOD! where did she bought those stuff??" You have an awesome style, and your blog is interesting. And I love your teddy bear! It's cute, and its dresses and shoes are awesome!

FIAN said...

i likee your skirt..
nice for all of your acc,, :)

just visit my blog too :D
phie emotions.

fadetoblack said...

wow i love them shoes!!

Owen said...

suka roknya :) nice food btw :D
check my new post +comment yaaa thanks <3

Dian Prad said...

cute teddy bear!! the food looks so yummy

Forever and Ever By Dian Prad Comment-Follow- exchgLink ?

Anonymous said...

aloo dear, uda gw link yaa. hehe. thx btw. :)

xo, Alexi said...

cocobi's SUCH a cute name!! and that food looks absolutely delicious. thanks for stopping by me and genny's blog. i love YOUR accessories, too!!! everything you were wearing was just so cute!

Tifany said...

Love your shoes...
the foods look tasty...
cute teddy bear and I want it! :)

fhen said...

love your shoes!
the food looks great
and that's a cute bear too
we have a similar teddybear store in here :)

beckyxoxo said...

You really have a great style dear ! Love the blazer , the skirt , the lace socks and the shoes ! Haha . Seems so much fun ! Hope you're having a nice weekend ! xoxoox

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

like the outfits soo much :) cool..

love the acecories :D

Veren Lee said...

iya nih. kependekan! huhu :'(
kmrn ak liat cc d gi.... sm c febri trs ad co 2 kan kl ga salah? hehehe
mw nyapa tkut salah + ud jauh ccnya ;P

Nora said...

great post! love the whole outfit of yours.

sure for the exchange link. will put you in my blog list!


bella francisca said...

huihihi thankss nat hahaha emg lcu skirtny :)
skirt lu jg lcu koq hahaha
oyah? haha gue jg bli d onlen, abis lcu aja wkwkw
uann,, yaa gmpng! tp menjebak ;)
soo harus teliti hehehe
gmna liburan??

xoxo, bee ♥

Bubu said...


Hello Friend, I love love love your blog, it‘s very interesting!!! I really like your style!! i‘ll visit you many times for sure honey.


Bubu said...

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Vinda Sonata said...

OMG. you look lovely m'dear. great outfit and love your lace socks.
i love tony roma's too <3

F i K a said...

heyy,,just realized that you are feb's sis :)..both of you got a great style!!

love your flower ring!!
and that teddy bear's dress is just sooo cute!!

Jonesy said...

Cute photos!!

I really like your blog a lot, I'm a new follower.
Please check out my blog (and I hope you follow) when you get a chance

: )

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great time! cocobi is a cutie ♡

i've linked you too btw :) thanks nat!

Castor Pollux

ALEXA- OMG the PINK Blog! said...

aww you and your friends are so adorable =^.^=
I like the blazer and the floral skirt soo much, and of course the shoesss are so sickk

Happy Easter!!

CCWai said...

Your jacket looks nice and so does your skirt.
Looks like you had fun.
Happy Easter!

Yofany said...

thx for dropping at moi blog, me likey your blog! :DD
so cute and nice photos *winkwink
ex link? :)


Patty Ann said...

great great shoes!!

AlphaBetaChic Blog

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