Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Circus !!

I went to see Moscow Circus at Summarecon Mal Serpong. It was soooo good! And i really love the Russian Storyteller attraction. I was confused that he has or doesn't have back bone. Haha just kidding. But his body is so flexible. The clowns were funny, especially when he drop the plastic eggs to the audiences and when they asked some people to play drama. Highly recommended :)

Arrghh I will have my final exam on next Thursday. I'll be very very busy. May be I will be absen from blogging because I have to study hard, and may be I won't post anything for 2 - 3 weeks. Wish me luck yeahh :)




U2 white tank top - zara black shorts - unbranded keffyeh - bata gladiator - bag from taiwan - ol shop leaf bangle - unbranded ethnic bracelet - black and gold bracelet from bandung - forever21 black bracelet - summer bracelet from bandung - brown bracelet - forever21 flower ring - black ring from bali - unbranded black skul ring - unbranded N ring - unbranded ribbon ring
the food I ate at lunch



The Russian Storyteller

Christina the hoola-hop
Clown with 1, 2, and 3 stick above his head
Little Mermaid

The Elephants
Indian Tiger Attraction
Princess of Air
The Gymnastic
cake and coffee after circus time


sii miemi said...

i have watch it too, nice show..
btw the place is near w/ my house, cb bisa main main nath.. :p

Anonymous said...

waaahh ia keren bgt ya nat pgn tapi ga bisa :( suka sama scarf atau apa sih namany di leher itu,gw ga pernah make.hehehe..bagus ya cocok di lu nat :)
oh ya wish you luck for the exam ya sayang,btw im gonna back to jakarta on 26 may.

joninel said...

great outfit...

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

wah kayaknya bagus deh circusnya :D
love your outfit here, simple but stylish!

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

You look great! I love going to the circus. :) Good luck on your exam!

F i K a said...

the circus must be great!! I wish I can watch it too..huhu

anw, you look effortlessly stylish!! soo simple but look chic :)

michelle_ said...

foto nya bagus abis nat !!
itu lu / febri yg foto ??
lighting nya dapet banggettt !

i also love ur yellow scarf :)


Owen said...

aduh nat gue suka foto2nyaaaaaa cool banget bisa fokus gitu love dehhh

Anonymous said...

wihh keren circus nya :D
goodluck for your exam yaa :)

AlvianaKalin said...

aduhhh wendys nya bikin lapaarrrr! nyam nyam. g ga pernah tuh makan baked potatonya.. enak kayaknya yahh hahaha. btw, moscow circusnya keknya seru bgt yahh.
good luck for ur final exam yah nat!

prettygirltita19 said...

tons of fun eh?
lovin ur blog =]

Melissa said...

cute outfits! awesome photos! love your blog :)

nika r. said...

I love going to the circus! Great time... certainly.
Hey, good luck on your exam! Everything will be ok!

you always look beatiful :)


inge luciana said...

wow, amazing circus! i really love your photos and nice scarf, the color is pretty. cute accessories anyway.

Earlene said...

i love circus , sadly i cant watch this circus ,
i love your style anyway :)

Shia-Shia said...

arab look scarf niceeee
love all the pics...very entertaining circus indeed...thx for sharing


Susan said...

it seems like a nice show nat!
and love the photos too :]
kelas berapa nat? hehehe

AlvianaKalin said...

re : iya nat, itu di eat and eat gading hehehe.. dan tu sebenernya bukan legging, tapi celana panjang! hahaha :D

{ I V Y } said...

great scarf and sandals!
wow, omg so sorry for my really really late reply but sure, i would love to exchange links with you!


hope to see my blog on your blog roll soon !

Tabitha said...

ngiri deh kalian berdua bisa liat moscow circus, well i love your yellow scarf :)
LOVE, beauty splashes

Kalyana. said...

i want to go to that circus too, but it's so crowded, isn't it ?
love your outfit.

kristieeiskristie said...

is your new house near there? my school is somewhere near there :D

TARA said...

hey, blogwalking, i like ur photo in this blog, specially this circus photo

visit and leave your comment in my blog..

kelly said...

asiknyaa ntn circus!dlu ini ad d puri syang ga bs ntn diriku hikshiks.
anw nice outfit nat! you mix it perfectly! <3

xoxo kelly

Turquoise and Lily said...

yummy food!

Kassie said...

I love the circus. I turn into a little five year old everytime I go ahha!
You're rings are super cute!

Stolen Stiletto

Tifany said...

the foods made me hungry. hahaha.
jadi mau liat moscow circus juga...
btw, I love your outfit!

with LOVE

lolichocopop said...

ah gila.aku ga kedapetan ticket nya.udah sold out --"
pdhal rumah deket ckck.
memang kmu tnggl di mana ?kok bsa tau moscow circus yah ?hehe

ye55i said...

Lovely scarf! ah u are so skinny btw.. hahahah. nice circus, reminds me of my childhood when I watched a circus too. =)

jjeenniii said...

The yellow scarf makes the outfit stunning !!!

Anonymous said...

hey nat, jz found out ur blog..
and i can see many pretty photos here!
kudos :D

jennifer lovenia said...

visit and follow my blog :)

t said...

Very cool outfit! You look great.

Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

cool outfit. love your yellow scarf. :D
jdi pengen nntn circusnya deh. heheh


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

That's a cute scarf! I actually got one to...but PINK ;) said...

this is such a cute look i love how you paired it with the yellow triangle scarf<3 :P

Michelle said...

hey just realized that i haven't follow u, but i have now :] hehe
i watched the circus too last month. suka banget sama anak kecil yang main payung ituu super cutee!! :D and the ice princess too

diana! said...

love how you combine your simple outfit with scarf nat.keren2:)
don't forget check my new post about my online shop:)

bella francisca said...

heloooo nat haha long time no see! LOL haha ia itu pk photoshop :p
hahaha itu kuku palsuu -__- i mean, gue edit lg wrnanya biar kinclong! haha ktauan deh :p sm lu ini gpp deh x)
eh btw, good luck for the exam ya! bljr yg giat! ciayooooooo~

xoxo, bee ♥

t a l i s h a said...

totally in love with this street-chic look, nath..

as usual im amazed with the pile of accessories.. hahahaha

ps: win a disney couture necklacehere

blackecstasy said...

nonton circus dmna neh say? kaffiyeh nya keren warnanya!!i love it!
yudia aiiu

myrrh goldframe said...

awesome show. you captured them very good! loving your shawl too. <3

fhen said...

i wish i could watch it too
i love circus!
like usual im amazed by your pile of accesories
it's nice to add bright yellow scarf to your outfit
that gladiator looks alike mine hihi


u-ung said...

huaaa...gorgeous the color!!!

Amira Putri said...

the circus are awesome, just like your shawl kak, hehe:)

Hello to the World

vdcouture said...

i love your accessories. lovely.
follow my blog


Marla Singer said...

cute! i love your bag <3
on my childhood, i wished i were born to be a circus playaa. hahaha.

Michelle said...

Yes,i'm a 10th grader there hhe.
k7? is it located at sunrise garden?
kelas brp?
hehehe :]

Michelle said...

ooh iaia. :]
acara 60th yg dmana yaah? hehe

Ronney said...

Bukan maksud buat spam cuma kenalin blogku
Apa aja ada disini

dan juga

Kalo ada waktu singgah yah

diana! said...

sure nat .already link your blog!
check my new post

Trie Diksi said...

aah asiknya nonton sirkus abis itu makan cake. itu makan di mana sih? :)

The Spoof.

Pixie Dust said...

Such an adorable blog :))
I would love to invite you to my makeup and accessories giveaway:

Can't wait to hear from you hon! <3 Have a wonderful day xxx

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