Saturday, June 5, 2010


Thursday was a holiday for my school. Teachers had a big meeting. I went to my best friend's house. Actually we want togo to Central Park but my other best friend called and said " heyy why don't we go to Emporium Pluit Mall? I've been here for almost 45 minutes and there are nothing to see. I'm bored." So we changed the destination place. We were argueing to go to Agnes' place but she said no. And we got crazy there. Just gossiping people at J.Co. We were laughing, laughing, and laughing there. Hahaha
Okay, enough for that day. Now, I'm not a person who like to choose friends from her/his background or what. I can be friend with almost all kind of people. But there is a kind of people that I always ignore. Hypocrite one. There is a friend of mine that always be an angel in front but her heart is as cruel as a devil. She likes to make her friends hate each other. She's ever made my two best friends fight. And few days ago she tried to make me and my best friends and Nicoline hate each other. But sorry, it didn't work girl. We already now your cruel heart
forever21 tank top - minimal shorts - monaco belt - unbranded shirt - mom's lace inner - marie claire gladiator - charles&keith bag - metanoia rosario - naughty bug bracelet - summer bracelet from bandung - belt bangle from taiwan - naughty colorful bracelet - warna pastel bracelet - sugar babes bangle - stroberi ribbon ring - unbranded ethnic ring - forever21 owl ring - valencia heart ring - stroberi silver ring
At J.Co Donuts and Coffee




I'm the queen



Kristi, Agnes, me, Vina, Riris
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jacobian said...

nice pic though.but I can't help to notice that your hand had so many accessories,you had many bracelet in your wrist,rings in your finger.isn't that make your hand heavier?or are you comfortable wearing them all?

*just a thought anyway. :-)

DianAurora said...

heyy, i knew the 'warna pastel bracelet', last week i almost buy it, but i bought the colorful bracelet finally, heheyyyy (:

cute style anw . i love it!

check out my new post, thanks 4 the suggestions (:

visit-follow-comment me back ::

beckyxoxo said...

Hey Nat! Seems so much fun with your friends . Gossiping is the funnest thing ever haha . And you kinda inspire me to wear a lot of bracelets and rings ;)

Rebecca Clairine said...

thx for ur sweet comment on my post :)

look so much fun ! :D
love ur accesories !
cool style ,,

visit back anytime,

- t h a m i a - said...

cute outfit! :)

Anonymous said...

bole lah natt
ampe di sebut sgala....
emg cewe dodol gtuu *sadis*

sii miemi said...

is that ur room nat?
envy ur random accesories anw..

Eva Silviana said...

Ohyeah, i've just realized that you are febri's siter. Am i right? Haha. Seems you really enjoyed your one day holiday with your friends. Love your belt!
Nice blog aynways ;p

Amadea Larissa said...

love your belt bangle so much! :)


Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

you really have a great time with your friends :D lovely outfit and bracelets. happy weekend!

Tifany said...

cute sekali semuanya :)
love your bracelets and rings. cute outfit too !

with LOVE
Little Berries

AlvianaKalin said...

hey! the top is really cute!! love it. thanks for commenting on my blog yah nat..:)

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

thanks for the comment as well :)
itu beli di vincci, tp model lama tktnya udah ga ada hehe. biasa belinya dmn emg? :)

Anonymous said...

aw gayamu chic sekali ...suka deh. :)
syg,kangen deh gw.hehe itu kamar lu nat/ keren yaaa..

ladytjahjadi said...

nathaliee! kamar syp tuuh ? aduuh lucunyaaa kamarnyaaa hihi . my shoe ? ahahahaha , that's my old shoee natthh :"( i haven't buy the new one hikshiks . anw , itu heelsnya bener" ga pegel ! :") cc pernah pake itu keliling mangdu hauhahaha :P
anw , p7 kapan lburr ? I'm in love with ur acc ! :)

Jaqueline said...

natoo :b wkwkw, i think i know who is she :b nice clothes :)

Anonymous said...

looks like so much fun!! :)


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Trie Diksi said...

thanks for the comment ya. haha you watched it? i looked like a fool in that video, but then again, it's how i wanted to be in that video: a simple fool. :P

anyway, love your hippie style and love the photoshoots. you guys look like you had so much fun!

The Spoof.

vdcouture said...

whoa. i always love to see the way you stack your accessories. it looks uber look so nice, love your outfit
love, vdcouture

Vinda Sonata said...

heyyyy girl nice post!!! you look lovely! love your style!! ^^

chie suci utami apsari said...

i like your belt bracelet too..
and all of your rings
they all cute

cek post aku yg baru jg ya..
ada banyak..

Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

love the print on your top !
and your accessories as always.. hehe
iyaaaa. kok bisa tau ? hahaha. :$
malu bgt itu bkin video. :p

good luck ya give-awaynya..


PhieGarage said...

lovee all your acc,, adore with the owl ring .. :)

are you ring lovers? just try to join my ol shop giveaway, :)
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Anonymous said...

Love the photos!:)

so jade said...

so loved your top! sweet & adorable with all your friends. Cool!

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i miss high school....*sigh*
you and your friends looks like you're having so much fun!

ps. love the boho's totally my kind of style.
♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Michelle said...

hey love your top, and love how your belt matches the headband :]
that's a cute room! whose room is it?
is it yours?

UgnÄ— said...

Beautiful look, seems you had fun! :]

Melissa said...

cute top, gorgeous accessories! i love this post, you look like you had fun (:

nitya said...

Hello Nathalie,

Nice room! I like the room, and your style also!

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Alita Claudia Raisa said...

seems you had a great fun! I like ur top ;)

Jessica said...

makin miriiip sama febri mukanyaaa :D :D
niceee ^^ ^^

mariska said...

u r so cute..
and ohh,,i hate hypocrite too,but we shouldn't bothered by em,ok dear?
exchange following?


dotie said...

your boho inspired look is adorable..
looks like you had a crazy fun girls nite out :)

eclectic du jour

Audrey Allure said...

Aw, I hate two-faced friends like those - but great pictures! Seemed like a fun day with your friends :)

ladytjahjadi said...

ayo bikin sm lash project ! :P
hm itu di spore , di bugis , rada mahal sihh cumaa worth it bangett ga nyeselll :D liburan kemana nath ? wahhh itu lucu banget tau kamarnya ! hihi

ladytjahjadi said...

ayo bikin sm lash project ! :P
hm itu di spore , di bugis , rada mahal sihh cumaa worth it bangett ga nyeselll :D liburan kemana nath ? wahhh itu lucu banget tau kamarnya ! hihi

kristieeiskristie said...

i love your signature heavy-accessories look.

ParisiannSkies said...

the tribal print top is really cool.

Phuong said...

very cute pictures with your friends and your outfit also ;)!

ye55i said...

Really love your tank! nice... =)

Claradevi Handriatmadja said...

Fun like hell, friendship is :)
By the way,
You've got a blog award! Grab it here!

Sunflares Plethora

L.P said...

Your blog is soo lovely! I love your clothes.. Are you really 14 years? Have a greeat day and take care! Hugs

blackecstasy said...

love ur floral and ur tops sayang! kapan neh jalan, ajak febi jg! hihihi
yudia aiiu

Stevia said...

congratz on ur b'girl feature! ;)

wow. you have sooo many rings and bracelets on ur hands. I wouldn't be able to lift my hand! LOL

but I guess it's your thing, dear

really love ur tanks! i love the pattern and the color ;)

Gi_K. said...

fun to see the pictures! like your blog by the way. you've got a new follower.

check out mine, maybe you like the giveaway?

Turquoise and Lily said...

awesome random bracelets.. love it.. gwe juga suka bgt beli aksesori di stroberi.. i have the heart ring to.. cmn mereka tuh suka cpt bgt putusnya.. btw nat, i wanna have an interview with you... may i? for my blog..

ps: you look so pretty with that crown :)

michellehendra said...

gimme your rings! simply give them all! :D


anyway, don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY

yiqin; said...

Very well put together outfit. I WANT THE CROWN

sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

pretty cool rings! where did you get them exactly? oh anyway, would you like to join a blogger meet up? check my blog for more info.
i hope you could join though :)


joninel said...

lucu bgt kamarnya!!!

thx for following me yah..
i've already following u since 1 month ago :)

Ilse said...

ahhh you and your friends are so adorable! hee hee and your outfit's really cool as well

Jonesy said...

I love the first out, the top is really cute! nice photos!!!!

beckyxoxo said...

Eh btw kirain itu top batik2 gtu tau2 belinya di F21 hahaha .

Dee said...

You and your friends are SUPER cute! And I so love all your accessories!

Marissa Abigail said...

hello thanks for visiting my blog :)
love the rings
i've read the magazine already :p
exchange link ?

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

I like it!!

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Lia Waroka Putri said...

Hi Nat! I always love all ur accessories!
Nice combo w/o look too much dear ;)

Feel free to check on my latest update <3

michelle_ said...

i love ur printed tank top nat !
looks good on you :) :)

Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

whahahhah. lucu jg. ampe bsa dknalin gt. :p
thank youu. lu ikt give-away nya jg gak ? hehe
iyaa. susah bgt pas-in suaranya tuh 2.. -_-


Petunia Princess said...

love your accessories. they look great together ^_^

CherrybLossomgirL said...

the room where you take photos is very lovely
loved your blog
xoxo :)

Taj Acosta said...

I love your top! And great accessories too! xoxo

Ashley said...

Eep, you gotta watch out for two-faced "friends", they're the worst! But I'm glad she didn't cause you and your friend to fight!

Also, I *love* these pictures, and absolutely everything you're wearing! Especially your headband and tank top, too cute!


S and O said...

cute pictures!!!
what fun you all are having ;)
I love your skirt so pretty!

Susan said...

cool pictures and outfit :]
kamarnya lucu banget!
Rambutnya jdi bagus lho pke loreal nya..hehehe (udh kyak lgi iklan aja) tpi beneran :D
look forward to meet you!