Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Miss My Crazy Childhood

I've just seen my old photos which were taken when I was in primary school. It's so funny to remember my past. Like, why did I use to go to bed on 9 o'clock or why did I use to take a nap after school. Hahaha. And I saw a photo when I was 3 years-old wearing a maxi dress with my mom's blazer and posing like a business woman. So funny :)) Haha I used to fight everyday with feb, and now I sometimes fight with her but I usulally fight with my little sister. Yeahh I think every child has his/her own unique side that people can't understand. I miss my primary schoolmates :( Some of my best friends move to another school and I can only meet them once or twice a year. Only on holiday or school events. I miss you guys!! May be I'll post some of my childhood photos on my next post :)
I had a family dinner with my family and cousins. It surprised me that we didn't go to Taipan like always, but we went to Gang Gang Sulai Teppanyaki Restaurant. I really like the place and also the food *so yummy!!*. We took crazy photos as always.
LBD wore as top from thailand - monaco skirt - local boutique's belt - unbranded wedges - ol shop kelly bag - juicy couture snake skin bracelet - tiger bangle from bandung - sugar babes bangle - warna pastel bracelet - naughty colorful bracelet - forever21 flower ring - forever21 blue ring - crystals ring from india - stroberi N ring - feb's hairpin








taking crazy pictures with my cousins
the funniest photo *feb and daniel*
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joninel said...

love the last pic..haha anyway love your bracelet and ypur skirt

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice shoes...

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

hei,,i just realize that we arent exchange link..
so wanna do it??

Anonymous said...

Love your monaco skirt :))
that's a great outfit :D

Anonymous said...

feb with long hair? extention , wig or what? she cut her hair few months ago, rite?

sii miemi said...

as always i love ur rings and ur bag nath...
u all look so fun
the last pict is silly , but cute,


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

@anonymous: yes she cut it. haha it's a wig. but her hair is long enough now :)

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

@anonymous: yes she cut it. haha it's a wig. but her hair is long enough now :)

AlvianaKalin said...

gilaaa kocak abis tuh yg foto terakhir! hahaha.. love the floral skirt nat :)
itu makan dimana sih hehe

AlvianaKalin said...

oh ya, ampe lupa bls komen lu..itu g cuma iseng2 doang kok sayy. mana mungkin bs buat toko kue :p ga seenak itu lah hahaha

- t h a m i a - said...

I've ever gona there too, tmptny emg bgs hehe :) bagusss dh nat outfitny, i wanna steal ur bunch of accessories hehe, they're greatt :DD


ihh feb lucu abis!
btw, i love your outfit!
it seems like you like to wear lots of accesories!


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cherry♥berry♥kiss♥me♥honey said...

nice outfit nathalie :)
i like your shoes and those accessories,yohoo high five for having the same tiger ring:DD

TARA said...

i love ur Monaco skirt,

thx for ur comment.
please check my new post today and leave ur comment again :)

Melissa said...

watermelon-yum :D
awesome photos, i love your skirt!!
+following your twitter :)

S and O said...

I am totally in love with that cute floral skirt of yours! love your outfit :)

Turquoise and Lily said...

cool flat shoes!

fashionable palette said...

I LOVE your blog. I will be back for sure. You have a lovely sense of style :)

Aisa Putri Sekartaji said...

love your outfit <3

Ms. 김 시로 said...

The first dress and the 2nd blue dress are great. I love them.
You must be having a great time and yes childhood sure is bring back memories :)

Anonymous said...

yg fotoin gue ama tif kann mba guee
soalnyaa ade gue mo ikt gtuu
trus plgnya mba gue jmput deh
skalian mntaa di ftooin hheeh

DEEvona's diary said...

ohh... i love thos rings in ur fingers... i'll be craving for tht.. :p 'n i love feb's dress too!! ^^

anw,i've followed u dear.. (salam kenal yaa.. :)
mind to follow me back & exchange link?


ye55i said...

I love your bag and shoes! =)
huaaa.. I miss my childhood too! when there was no problems and we just played and played! hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

omg.i love the photo feb hug sweet.
and ur outfit super cute:)

and i miss my childhood time too.nothing to thinking about.just play with friends.hehe:)


Rebecca Clairine said...

i like ur bag ! :D
love the last picture ,, totally funny! X)

thx for ur sweet comment on my post ya :)

visit back anytime,

Anonymous said...

she regret it ? like what i've said in her blog comment, i love her long hair hahaha :p

regina stacia abigail said...

hey nath!thanks for comment on my bloggy:)

and yeah, i miss my childhood too!

you and feblook awsome as always!

Brenda evans said...

Heyya nat iaa long time no see. Haha
Like ur skirt ,sayy :)


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

@anonymous: no but sometimes she'd prefer to have long hair. haha she misses it

kelly said...

thanks nat! anw cuteee bag! suka dehh sama warna and modelnya hihi
anw check my new post either, dear..

xoxo kelly

Lia Waroka Putri said...

Thx for the sweet comment!
I love the top, and once again, your accessories! :D
Anw, the pics tell me you hv a great family. The last pic is too cute xD


Audrey Allure said...

Great photos, love your outfit!

Margaret said...

Looks like you're having fun && your outfit is beautiful. :)

I miss my primary school classmates as well. But I just think about the new friends I have and will have in the future. :)

bella francisca said...

yaampun itu si feb lucu banget trakhir sm sppu lu! hahah! bulet banget sih mukanya :p
and nice skirt nat! love it sooo much! long time no see ya haha
males"an sih gue :p check my new post yaa!

xoxo, bee ♥

michelle_ said...

hahah taipan as usual. gw jg suka taipan nat ama kluarga cowo gw.. my bf likes authentic chinese food very much ! bys kesana abis greja hr minggu :) :)

suka yamcha jg nga dsana ?

i love your skirt's print :) and congrats for winning fashionese daily's metro contest yah :)

Katherine wears... said...

thanks for your comment juga ya :)
aq beli itu di
thanks ya

btw aq suka bangett sama black dress mu
nice :)

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

I love the skirt!

knk said...

wow cute pics i like it you guys looks so sweet nice picture

and your outfit looks great

Taj Acosta said...

Love the black top with the white buttons! And the shoes and bag of course!!! xoxo

Prasidya Darmayu Atina said...

i like the skirt :) and the black top, so stylist :D and i like your blog :D

visit and leave your comment on my blog please :)

AND PLEASE FOLLOW BACK MY BLOG NATHALIE, i followed you dear :D via google ya

Eva Silviana said...

Wuuih nathalie, kemaren aku baru ngeliat rok mirip kayak yang kamu pake dan hampir membelinya. Tapi ga jadi, padahal lucu, jadi sirik -___- Nice outfit by the way!

----- said...

You look amazing!! YOur indonesian!! okay i use to learn indonesian!
Saya! thats either hi, i, me or something :D
btw followed your blog!
diana xx

Fitri said...

looks so much fun there with your cousins :))
suka banget sama beltnya, vintage abiss

Veren Lee said...

lovee your skirt c nat :)

Meilinda said...

love ur skirt and shoes. i love the details !

bw, kmu tinggi jg yaa nat, sm tingginya kyk feb yaa?wew.

thingsIlove said...

I love your bag!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Haha, I was looking through my childhood photos just the other day! They're the cutest. It makes me understand why parents are always freaking out saying, "OMG. You've grown up so quickly!" We really have!

Anyways, you look great and your family's THE cutest!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

sbb nat baru buka pke komp ade :P

hha iy gde" gw males kecilin
it pke photobucket gw ambil HTML nya lsg copas trus publish :PP


Stevia said...

oohhh i love your color-candy bracelets
reminds me of childhood!

again. the bag is gorgeous

love feb's oxford shoes ;)

check out my latest post

Bella Francisca said...

kurus? hiks :( kekurusannn natt! gue dmen badan lu, pas gituu! hahahaha :p
thanks natt-o, roknya emg lucu bgt hehe. what? poto yg ad medalinya keren? why? mnurutt guee mlah biasa ajaa huehehe.

xoxo, bee ♥

diana! said...

congrats nat!for metro!aw makanan na bkn ngiler.hhhaa
have a nice day:)

fhen said...

you and feb look lovely as always
your skirt is so pretty
nathalie pinter hunting" rok bagus" ya
btw congratulations for being metro winner :D
dan sweperti biasa, post makanannya bikin laper hahaahha


fhen said...

you and feb look lovely as always
your skirt is so pretty
nathalie pinter hunting" rok bagus" ya
btw congratulations for being metro winner :D
dan sweperti biasa, post makanannya bikin laper hahaahha


u-ung said...

lucu floral skirt nya!!!!!

Anonymous said...

love ur shoes..

Jaqueline said...

itu nat, ikan pari (stingray) hahah :)makannya ke ancol dong :b btw ikan2nya lagi pada dikarantina jadi kurang2 deh :b

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

ur flats are so cute! love it :)

Wulan said...

I really miss my childhood memories too. :')
suka banget sama foto yg terakhir yg bibirnya manyun2! lucu!
and you look so adorable as always! :)
anyway, what Canon do you use? said...

aw itsos cute your so close with cousins :) love the accessories

claudia isabella said...

keren nat :) gw dmen skirt nya. hehe. follow back yaa ! ^^

Ratie said...

cute skirt and awesome bracelet! :D


Khadija said...

such a cute outfit!

Aimee said...

Awesome outfit!

Lorine Kalista Noor said...

I love the dress!! want it so much *the first photo*

inge luciana said...

ur accessories are awesome!
and love the belt, cute

Bella Francisca said...

yep yep, blue is better :D hahaha, ga lahhh! lu ga gendut kok natt, lu itu pas! gue kekurusan -____-?
pendek? pendek drmn? untk ank seumur lu pas kokk, haha mknya rajin rajinlah bermain skipping LOL! heyhey kpn nih jln barengg? :p

xoxo, bee ♥

Rebecca Clairine said...

hei natalie !

aku kasi kamu award lho .
check pn my post,

keep updating,

lolichocopop said...

wah kamu mirip banged yah ama cici kamu klo lg senyum hehe.anw love your bag and top hehe

t a l i s h a said...

totally in love w/ your skirt and flats.. the last photo is hilarious! tell febri i miss her :D

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beckyxoxo said...

Love your skirt and belt Nat ! I miss my childhood too , I was so happy back then . Haha . The food looks yummy !

fedtetpige said...

come on baby u are still a children! why do u miss ur childhood!

jacobian said...

actually it would be better when taking photos of you, you would like to remove your hair from the forehead a bit so that I can better see the emotion that's run down in your it can reveal more.

but as always, you look great there with all the skirt and all. :-)

Louela Daniele said...


Diana Ang said...

love your bag :)

Katherine wears... said...

thanks for your comment too ya :)
itu aq beli d shop glisters blisters
hehehehe :)
check my latest post yaa :)

michellehendra said...

drooling over your accessories! grawrr.. how i'm so into accessories these days. :)


Nora said...

lovely outfit as usual nat esp those accessories! =))

hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

great outfit! love the vintage vibes and that satchel bag!

DianAurora said...

aww, i looove ur skirt n flower ring!
ur outfit always gorgeous!

i m sorry, i m too late to reply ur comment (:

visit back ,

Vina said...

your face look so much like your sister. haha