Monday, July 26, 2010


Heyy guys sorry for being such a bad blogger these days. But now I'm back to my usual routine, so I can post my outfit again :) So let's begin the story. Once upon a time, there's a beautiful girl named Kimberly. Hahaha ahh I'm not talented in telling story. Okay, my best friend Kimberly is 14 now! She had her birthday on Friday, July 23rd. And we went to Bali to celebrate it... Yeahh I won't blame you if you don't believe me. Hahaha we went to our version of Bali. Let's say Ancol *the only beach in Jakarta*. We spent all day long there. Lunch at Bandar Djakarta, visited Sea World, and played at the beach. It's the best quality time i've ever had with you guys *smooch :) Honestly, I'm bored of going to malls. I think it will be great if we try something new this summer.

There are some people asked me about my status on my bbm *trip to bali to celebrate kim's birthday* haha you'll find the answer on this post. Sorry if I made you confused yesterday hahaha I was joking. And I was day dreaming when we were playing at the beach, how wonderful it will be if I can celebrate my birthday party in other city, example Bali. But I know my dream wouldn't come true, it'll cost a lot. I'm quite curious about how my Sweet Seventeen birthday party will be. Will I have a big party or just dinner with my friends and sleepover with my besties? Ahh there is still long long journey. And these are some photos that was taken on that wonderful day. I wore so simple outfit * yeahh because I was afraid to wear skirt at the beach. Too much wind. Enjoy the photos :)
this is my new babes :)) *smooch. thanks to metro
cotton on top - minimal shorts - gaudi belt - elle bag - fly gladiator - white bangle from hongkong - bangles from hongkong - feb's leaf bangle - black and gold bracelet from bandung - forever21 black bracelets - forever21 key ring - phoebe&chloe ribbon ring - forever21 love ring
the birthday girl :)

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Jaqueline said...

seru amat nat si kim birthday party nya :D btw topnya bgs :)


Anonymous said...

nat kmu paling stylish diantara teman2 :) kmu juga kyny emg bakal keren klo ada temen ultah traktir ke bali.hehehe.

chie suci utami apsari said...

i always like the way you mix and match clothes
like ur accessories and ur top:)

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

Love your top and bag, nath! That must be so much fun! :) kupikir tadinya beneran ke Bali loh! hahahah


Veren Lee said...

topnya baguss ci nat.
ak jg prtamanya mikir 'asik bgt c nat k bali buat ultah tmnnya'. ahahhaahaha :P

DianAurora said...

woww, enak bgt di traktir ke baLi sma temen, jd pengen dehh! hhe .

I love the Top , nat (:

visit mine ,

vdcouture said...

looks fun!! i've never been to ancol beach, will try it the next time, the last time i went there it's too crowded i can see nothing, looking gorgeous as usual <3 loving all of you accessories :)


AlvianaKalin said...

seruuu bgt deh nat! I bet the birthday girl won't ever forget that day..:)
and love your new bag!!! and Kim's short :p

okky dommy said...

i love your bracelets:)

Ven said...

i was planning to buyy tat tops too :) it is cutee n floral :)


Rebecca Clairine said...

party nya looks so much fun nat !
love ur bracelet !

Rebecca said...

oh i LOVE the heart key ring! wheres it from?

thanks for your lovely comment :)

Kalyana Dewi said...

asik banget ke seaworld :) uda lama ga kesana.
love your bag nath, looks like you can put anything there :)

have a nice school day

ye55i said...

wow.. emang ancol itu versi kw-nya dari bali yaaa.. hahahha.. =D
i love your brown bag! so cute.. hehehe. and yes! i'm deeply in love with floral and nude, though I haven't bought so much nude things.

michelle_ said...

sooo nice seeing you have fun at the bday nat :) i love the last shot ! really shows how much fun you're having during the sunset :)

piapia said...

it looks you all have fun XD anyway, i like your accessories! especially, your 'key' ring!


wish i could go to bali! looks gorg! cute top & jewelry!

F i K a said...

it must be great if the party really held in bali..hahaha..but celebrate it in ancol is not a bad idea..all of you seems so much fun and had a great time!! :)

nice sandals and perfect outfit to go to Ancol...simple yet chic ;)

yiqin; said...

Awesome rings! I wanan go on a day trip to bali too

lolichocopop said...

itu beneran ke bali ?gila amad yah ?
anw nice outfit (: really love your bag and rings ♥

jacobian said...

my suggestion is that you should try to wear a skirt on the beach.because the wind will make you looks so remarkably fascinating. and men loves that.haha...

so anyway nice picture there,when is your birthday btw? :-)

Melissa said...

like wow, i love your bag!! that looks so fun!

Lia Waroka Putri said...

Waa I thought u were really in Bali! xD u still look stylish on d beach and anw google sketchup7 is free to download ;) XO,BarbieJunk

Kelly Lingga said...

huehuhe thanks nat! Di hope interr itu d belleza kalo mau k ps pasti liat plangnya gede hihi. aduhh love ring lu keren abisss grawrr gw pgn beli d f21 tp trakir liat uda gada hiks!!

xoxo kelly

black n white ladies said...

whoo that's a vacation on Bali??huhuhu very envy with it!
you look very fresh and it soo...

julia louise said...

Love the "flower" tee, with the marked shoulders :-) You have great sence of style. Hope too see you at my blog sometime.

ABIGAIL NY said...

love your blog, your oufit is amazing and that outfit in the 18th picture I think is amazing!

fhen said...

this looks fun,nathalie!
and your outfit is adorable too :)


*rachelwears said...

omg you are adorable i love you accesories so much!!

aisaicha said...

i bet you had a great time on your friend's bday :) love your outfit :D

hugs and kisses, Icha

Anna Katrina said...

dont be sorry you are busy! hehe cute photos

stop by sometime<3

thingsIlove said...

Great pictures.

Seems like you really had a lot of fun.

Audrey Allure said...

Really cute outfit & such lovely pictures!

Tiffany said...

aku pikir serius ke Bali tapi ancol beda-beda tipis lha., hahaha.
cute looks! you look cute too :)

Jen said...

awww these pictures are seriously so much fun! i love all the group shots and the shots with the aquarium. :)

i love nothing more than a good ol' trip to the beach, especially with amazing friends!

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

if i can be seventeen again, i'd definitely celebrate my birthday in a sleepover with my best friends...glad you had fun at 'bali!'

love the casual outfit by the way...especially the belted denim shorts!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

like the title of this post...hahahha

first time,,i think u do it like in the title..hohhooh

N. said...

perfect outfit!♥

t a l i s h a said...

nice pics.. tell the birthday girl that she's as stylish as you are.. :D :D

Taj Acosta said...

Hi doll, looks like a wonderful time and a beautiful place! xoxo

Anonymous said...

you look awesooooooome

Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

hey naat..
loving your outfit.
seru bgt yah kyaknyaa. :D

itu bukunay kyk guid buat fashion career gt. skalian learn buat design, styling, gt"..
gw sih liat reviewny ole bgt. tpi gw ud cari" kbnyakan sold out. makanya pengen bgttt. hehhe

Diana Ang said...

photo photonya bikin sirik deh. hahaha. jadi pngn liburaaaan :D

Anonymous said...

cool accessories as always, nat! you look cool ;) sounds like a fun time!

Castor Pollux

Katherine wears... said...

really nice outfit!!
I love the top so much!! :)

Katherine :)

Ulrika said...

i like it a lot, i'm a follower now! (: