Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Love These Girls ♥

Happy Eid Mubarak 1431 Hijriah for those who were celebrating it few days ago :) Sorry for the late wish. Now, let's go on the story. I went to Grand Indonesia last Saturday to meet some awesome bloggers. I met Veren from A Little Princess, Bella from Missing Bee, Lalita from Lalita Tian, Gabriella from Laces on My Dress, and Becky from Try to Be Stylish. They are awesome and super stylish! It was so nice to meet them :) We had lunch at Mr. Curry.The curry rice was so delicious and a bit spicy. It's located in West Mall, 3Ath floor, next to Kenny Roger's Roasted Chicken. Have a try!





zara top - bysi skirt - gaudi belt - elle bag - ol shop ankle boots - unbranded gold studs bangle - diy ethnic bracelet - wooden bangle from bali - sugar babes bangle - bangles from hongkong - juicy couture charm bracelet *from melissa - forever21 black bangle - forever21 key ring - phoebe&chloe ribbon ring - forever21 flower ring - barbie triangle ring

my little sister
And Tadaaa *drums* as you've known my sister is no longer a blogger but I'll post some of her outfits. When she decided to stop blogging, she said that she could featured in my blog sometimes if I'm okay with that. And now I'll make her wish comes true :P

Becky and Bella

And this is the only photo that contains all of us, taken by Veren's camera. Arghh I hate malls that don't permit us to take any photos by SLR. Heyy, I don't want to copy your interior. I just want to take photos with nice background. So stupid!!


Ahh I hate my bangs! Need some time to make it long enough like before :(


Lalita and Bella wore MBMJ bag

My family were hanging around and shopping while I was meeting the girls and after that we had dinner at En Dining, EX. You must try the Honey Bread! It was so yummy! And the Salmon Sashimi was very very very delicious! The Salmon was so soft and fresh. Highly recommended! You should try some. But those meals made my tummy bump getting bigger :( Arghh I was so jealous when I saw the girls at EX. They're so skinny and tall. Wish I could get taller.

Honey Bread

Salmon Sashimi



really cute love the belt! all so stylish!

Anonymous said...

wow! sounds like u had fun! :D

that's so cool! u look cute btw <3

Anonymous said...

wow! sounds like u had fun! :D

that's so cool! u look cute btw <3

an aspiring everything said...

Love your top and skirt together! The nude skirt with the striped skirt looks really cute :) And the food looks delicious!

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

in love with your skirt and your shoes :)

looks like all of you had a really lot of fun


mirramie said...

love the belt and the shoes natz..
aaa i'm so jealous when see the post about the meet up hehe.. u looks so fun!


joninel said...

love your belt so much :)

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

love the belt! where'd you get it?

Nadia Kamballa said...

Looks like you girls had so much fun. I heart your skirt and the way you wear that belt. So cute! And your heels, too :)

The November Girl
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Kalyana Dewi said...

whoaa seems you guys had so much fun there :)
love you guys looks . and i really want to try Mr.Curry, thanks for the info.
your li'l sister is pretty and cute <3


yiqin; said...

The whole outfit is so well put together!!

Princilla said...

nice outfit! and love your blog. followed you. mind to follow back?


AlvianaKalin said...

I love the honey bread too!! :D
Btw, nice meet up! and I love ur skirt :))

the psychotica said...

I love En Dining too ! :)
and your clothes :D
i followed u already btw :D

ARA said...

looove the skirt with that belt. And you dont need to worry about the bangs, you look lovely.xx

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me.

Becky Regina said...

Yuhuu nath love what you wore on that day ! It was nice to finally can meet you , we all should meet up again one day :D Your sisters look lovely !

Owen said...

how fun you could meet them in person! nice outfit naaaat :)


omg nathalie!
its such a great meetup!

love your bysi skirt! you will see my sis in lots of bysi stuffs too! coz my mum and sis are great shopper there! hahaha


ching said...

loving all your accessories.

Ulrika said...

your outfit is great! i'm in love with your shoes(: they're so nice

dreamy princess said...

Nice bloggers meeting. You guys must be had so much fun.. I can see it (:
Your outfit was so gorgeous! :D

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

Nici said...

ahh lovely pictures and nice looks! that food looks so delicious!

Nici from

Natalie said...

love everything your wearing from head to toe


Natalie said...

i love everything your wearing from head to toe

fashionable palette said...

Great photos. I am in love with all of your jewelry...and how you style your belt!

hanifa qurratuaini said...

love your skirt and the shoes :)
itu ftony di dket rumah gtu nath :))

oxox, djhanq
tattoo freak

Miy said...

Should really try honey bread.. yumm..

btw, teen vogue book is totally worth it/ you should get one!

The Picnic Girl

Agustina Selviana said...

such a fun day,nath! love your skirt and your belt. btw iya itu fotonya di Bumi Aki haha enak disana makanan sundanya ;) have a nice day!xx

Brenda evans said...

love ur rings nat :)


those shoes moved to

Anonymous said...

suka sekali sama sepatumu Nathalieee :) aku cari oxford shoes ga dapet-dapet huhuhu
like your blog :) hehheh

W. said...

you look amazing and you know how to have fun!great...kisses my dear

sallyannie☆ said...

Ooh, I like your skirt :)

Nora said...

what a lovely meet up nat! =))
love your stripes top.

thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! highly appreciated.


Carissa said...

tell feb I really miss her as a blogger :D :D she still look fab though ;)

anyway, I love your stripey tops :D seems like you're having so much fun with the others.

Jaqueline said...

nat love your skirt and adorable shoes :D
nice photos :D
thanks for your comment :)
iya nat gw yang foto tp jelek belom di edit, lu di edit ga ? heheh :)


Pop Champagne said...

omg LOVE your photos, as always! your outfit is so nice, I want your purse! hahaha. so great that you got to meet up with others, I wish I could one day as well

Aimee said...

Awesome post, lovely pictures! xx

Ines said...

It's great that you met so many bloogers!! You all look adorable:)

Ashley said...

Loving your belt and bag and jewelry - ok, loving everything!! Fab look! :)


.Autumn Renee. said...

thanks for your comment and i absolutely love your rings and the marc jacob totes
xoxo autumn renee

michelle_ said...

urrgghghh di tegor ama satpam lg yah foto2 pake dslr nat ? gw jg benci bgt tuh kl bgitu !!! kalo ada gw, pst gw sikat tuh satpam.. abis kesel bgt. mentang2 jd satpam songo nya minta ampun -_-"

anyway good thing that you guys had fun ! i love ur simple chic outfit ! btw kl foto bys pake ext flash yahh ?

Veren Lee said...

i love your top, skirt, belt ci nath!
wktu itu ak jg mao beli tu t-shirt zarany tpi buru2 trs lupa beli lgi -__-"
i want to meet u again! it was soo fun! :)

Vina said...

i like your skirt! you all look stylish.. oh, you are skinny enough dear.. :)

the honey bread makes me drooling now! haha.. :9

Anonymous said...

like ur top.
and wow u guys look so fun met up together.


Audrey Allure said...

Cute pictures, looked like fun :)

Anastasia Cecilia said...

cantik banget ci :)

Liz said...

love ur heart-key-ring! so cute. great outfit.



Bella Francisca said...

ia dont nat, penggila gossip! hahaha ;) heyy the Honey Bread makes me drooling!
mauu coba ah kapan", thanks for your recommendation!


elle adore said...

wow nathalie,
you always look amazing!

xoxo, elle adore.

Michelle said...

love the entire outfit nath, especially the shoes! :D
veren ask me before to join but too bad i can't, seems u guys had so much fun :]

Jony said...

Looks like you had an amazing time with the other bloggers!!

Love you outfit dear.

Carla said...

i loved the ring with the key !

Carla said...

i loved the ring with the key !

Tasha Gregson said...

I love this outfit!! The belt is so great and the top is cute :) xx

Catherine Catarina Au Jong said...

I'm so jealous
wish can do some meet up with other fellow bloggers :((
unfortunately is so rare here to have fellows/buds on blogging LOL
you look gr8!

aisaicha said...

i bet you had a great time with the girls :)
i think you should be grateful for who you are. you're pretty natalie. and you don't have to be skinny & tall to be a pretty girl. hihi just my opinion.

p.s i'm following you now


Marcella Cornelia said...

nice outfit :)

Story Of Che

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your shoes...cute

Anonymous said...

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love the belt!

Karin Zhou said...

love all your accessories! :)
anyway, I've followed you. :)

Shirley said...

i just found out about this blog and it's amazing! love your style!

Shirley said...

i just found out about this blog and it's amazing! love your style! said...

hahaa! i miss ddr!

jacobian said...

all the pretty ladies in one place then. :-)

Lyana said...

So many cute outfits and yummy food! Yea I hate places that don't allow you to take photos too :/ I don't understand their logic