Thursday, November 15, 2012


It has been a long time since I post this blogpost's teaser on instagram. I planned to post this on last Sunday but since I had got a lot of tests and assignments, I couldn't make it. It was so scary when I saw my schedule from now on until December. One thing I would like to do now is scream loudly. Too much pressure but I know God stands behind me, gives me strength, pushes me not to give up. And I'm not giving up. May be it's hard and tiring for now but one day I'm going to get a payback.

I haven't wrote many things about my personal life these days. I've been very busy for school so I just wrote the very first thing that came up in my mind, and it's school. Let me tell you a little bit about my story. I broke up with my bf few months ago. Then things happened and I finally realized that it's not the end of my story. It's the start point of my new life. People say that I'm happier and more friendly now. And I know, it's the real me, because I'm not afraid anymore. It's time to forgive and forget. I live my life and I feel relieved! Just an advice, may be things didn't go as same as your will but there must be something good behind it. Be grateful!

PICNIC top - skirt from singapore - karen&chloe shoes - COTTONCANDY clutch - local store necklace - random bangles and rings











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Jane Justine said...

Lovely style! :D the skirt looks good on you :)

Jane Justine said...

Lovely style! :D the skirt looks good on you :)

Ruby and Rosa said...

it's time to forgive and forget and must be grateful :)
that's super nice sharing ❤
love your yellow outfit :D

anasgch said...

Cute style. Love your yellow skirt! :D and i haven't heard from you for a while..:3


Maria Widjaja said...

cheer up girl! you know you deserve the best:)
not much to say, love love love the whole outfit and the playful colour<3

Clara Angwen Widjaya said...

Love your outfit! <3 following you now! Maybe we can follow each other? :) xx

♥ Natalie said...

Such a cute outfit, looove it <3 The colors are cute!
And I love your me strength (:


Bella Francisca said...

hi natt, sorry for hear that. I hope u'll be okay :) lets pass this hard moments in our life! anw, love your outfit, and the clutch is so cute!

Missing Bee

Carlyn Girl said...

I like your outfit and how the yellows compliment each other. I really like the pleated skirt and the orange handbag is a perfect. I hope you get through your studies. I'm glad that you are getting on with your life after the break up you had.

.brigittamonique. said...

i know broke up is one of a hard fase, but i'm sure that you deserve much better :):)
anyway love the whole outfit nat! you look great in that color <3

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving the pastel yellow shade of the outfit!
Be strong and you deserve a much better man! xx

Claireta Teressa said...

be patient ci,
you'll find someone better ☺
anyway i love this outfit!

Marla Singer said...

the clutch is so gorgeous <3


Johanna said...

That skirt is so gorgeous! Love it ♥ You look amazing in the pictures :) xoxo

Bellamoreway said...

totally love the skirt! <3
you look gorgeous as always :D

Mitha Komala said...

nat i didnt know that! be strong and tough yea, it cant rain forever ;) anyways lovely outfit, you look pretty xx

Letters To Juliet

Adeayu said...

how beautiful kak! Love the yellow color.
so in love with your bag.
btw I've followed you since a long time ago. would you mind to follow back? :*

visit my little cream button♥

stin said...

be strong, you'll find a better one :) anw you look pretty on that lovely skirt! love your necklace tooxxx

Amanda Desty Yunistyani said...

love your style dear :)

♥ visit my blog if you have the time dear :)

Agnes Koriston said...

really love your skirt ce!! <3
and yeah broke up is hard but its life, and "may be things didn't go as same as your will but there must be something good behind it. Be grateful!" this is so true!! <3
thanks for the advice! <3

Anonymous said...

What a sweet, ladylike look! Warmest wishes for a happy and safe holiday season,

d a n i e l l e |

Meilina Utomo said...

Love your amazing and very interesting blog :)


Sesilia Anastasia said...

Love your outfit nat!

Yulia Sidorenko said...

amazing skirt! love it)

hope you'd like to visit my blog)