Wednesday, April 14, 2010

black and white, plus red and brown

I was doing nothing when I decided to take some photos. Actually I wanted to take them with tripod, but feb already gave it back to her friend. So I called feb and tell her that I want to take some photos, where she is now, and go home as soon as possible. Suddenly, I fell in love with red lipstick. At first i don't like, almost hate lipstick. But then i think my outfit would look better if I colored my lips. Sorry if you bored with my expression *almost same in every post*, because my face will look so strange if I smile like feb * want to actually * :(





Gap white T-shirt - topshop black tights - unbranded leather jacket - unbranded zebra flats - metro red bag - forever21 black and gold double necklaces - forever21 black necklaces - unbranded gold studd bangle - forever21 black ball bracelets - unbranded black and gold leaves bracelet - forever21 gold cross rings - unbranded heart ring - forever21 pearl and diamond ring

Look at this gorgeous bracelet and ring!! You can have it by joining little miss fhenny's giveaway. You'll get the bracelet, ring, plus one fine art photo taken by fhenny. Visit her blog to know how to join this gorgeous giveaway :)


RoseBarbie said...

I would have never worn black and brown together...every time I wear those too color together I get weird looks from makes me feel like I am a fashion

Jessica Jeanne Simon said...

oh i love your style a lot!
and your hair is great as well!
nice post!

The Queen of Queer

dianAurora said...

love ur flat shoes and ur red lips !
nice posting !!

michelle_ said...

i love your necklaces !
michelle ||

Anonymous said...

pengen gw colong deh accessories u nat. ihihihihi. ;)

Eli said...

Amamzing cool....xoxo eli

Michelle said...

hey, nice blog!
are you febrina utami's sister?
btw check out my blog if you don't mind :]

Owen said...

love the chain nat :)
so lovelyyyy

Nora said...

thanks for your sweet compliment. you made me blushing. =))

nice outfit nat. and love the accessories and the red hot bag.

hugs and kisses,

kelly said...

cute shoes!

mind to exchange link?
xxoo keeellly

Rimma Izzaty said...

simple, but COOL! i love it. tukeran link yuuu :)

Tabitha said...

love your black necklaces so much!
red lipstick makes your face looks fresh :)
thanks for the comment ya nat..
LOVE, beauty splashes

fhen said...

lovely combination dear it's simply stylish
and gorgeous accesories as always :))


bella francisca said...

wihihi thanks natt haha :D
gue mau dong tees lu juga tuuh keren!
agk transparent gmna gtu hehe =P
btw enk ya kls 8 libur mlu! envyyyy!!

xoxo, bee ♥

cherry♥berry♥kiss♥me♥honey said...

nice outfit and accessories and you look good in red lipstick :D and good luck for the giveaway ;)

Violet said...

love the red lipstick on you and that bag

Vi from Cali

elle adore said...

Thanks for your comment sweety! I was stuck on the airport so i couldn't answer you earlier. I'm sorry.
Lovely post. I love your jewelery as always. That necklace is amazing!

xoxo, elle adore.

beckyxoxo said...

You look great Nat ! Love the necklaces and jacket :D We have the same flats ! Beli di mangga dua bukan ? Hihi . And hope one of us will win the giveaway ! Haha .

- t h a m i a - said...

how i love your style natt hehe. like ur gold and black leaves bracelet, and necklaces. (:

Veren Lee said...

beli tripod aja ci d mangdu byk 100-200rban aj ud bgus :)

stellectism said...

awww you look surpriingly good with deep-red lipstick! i'm in love with your thick-chained necklace. pretty!
p.s: yes, i was in jakarta, but now i'm back to spore! (:

Anonymous said...

wow! sekali liat langsung wow.keren nat..lipstiknya beraura bgt.hehehe,kalung lu rasanya pgn gw kantongin deh.hehe bw gw aja ya :P

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

really really luv all of ur accesories..

Anonymous said...

ooh, nice bracelet! i think you look fine with this expression :)

Castor Pollux

t said...

Cute shoes!

Ellen Farida said...

like your necklace. hype!



blackecstasy said...

i love ur rings dear! lucu dehh! :)

yudia aiiu

knk said...

wow fabulous outfit
so many chains all are black looks great
really cute combination

have a great week end

Tifany said...

I love your accessories !!!
Great Photo dear!

with LOVE

RiaTii said...

are u febri's sister ? sorry if i'm mistaken. hehe.
thank u for your sweet comment at my blog.
love your header too much !
and those accessories that u were wearing are killing me ! so cool !
mind to exchange link ?
and follow each others blog n also we can have some chat on twitter if u dont mind ?

Rimma Izzaty said...

thank you yaa :) hehhehe

michelle_ said...

demen pake lipstick merah yah nat ? ahhaha.. gw pake lipstick merah nga pede kluar rumah kecuali ada kek dress code untuk acara..wkwwkwkkw

hope you have had a nice weekend !!

Anonymous said...

very very cute dear

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

gorgeous, I love it !!! so edgy

Retriana Maharani said...

thanks for comment on my post :D
actually, it isnt a top but its a dress and i mixed it with the hareem(onmy blogpost)

and hey, i love your studded bracelet!!!

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

I love your outfits!! I am definitely going to follow you!

ye55i said...

Duh accessories nya keren2 bngt! especially the black necklaces... hehehe.. enak yahhh punya sodara cewek, bisa minta tolong difotoin n bisa tuker2an barang juga. hehehe. have a nice day! =)


hey nathalie!
thanks for your comment!

your outfit looks great :D

nika r. said...

hey, nat!
aku tahu sedikit bahasa mereka agak!
[i wrote it that right? hahaha]
i'm still learning, but i like it so much! but sometimes you guys speak in a way that I do not understand! ._. can you say something in Portuguese? haha
by the way, thanks for the comments on my blog ^^ you are so sweet!


Feby Pinguin said...

white, black and red are definitely my fave, especially when they all mixed together. these photos speaks my mind of those colors, so thank you in advance :D

I've followed you, dear. because I'm new in this site, I only have a few followers. wanna exchange link ? I already put you in.

bella francisca said...

happy birthday nat, once again! LOL
mauu bls komen lo yg kmrnkmrn hahaha! telat bgt ya gue?
itu gue ol ttp dr kompi, tp diem" HAHA!

xoxo, bee ♥

bella francisca said...

iaa udh ga sbr men!
hahahaha lebay deh anda LOL JKJK!
td aj gue mw upload yg pas candid kita,
cmn d pkir" ntr ga surprise yauda deh d apus :p

xoxo, bee ♥

diana! said...

bkan itu d kuburan blanda gt bkan kota tua:)
ada beberapa sot yg mirip si.hha nice outfit:)

Marcus said...

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