Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Red Queen's Birthday

Today is my birthday!! yayyy :) I'm fourteen right now. And thanks a lotttttt to my friends at school *agnes, kimberly, kharizta, kristi, devina, kathleen, marleen* who were giving me a surprise party . I'm VERY HAPPY. I'm so glad to call all of you my best friends. And thank you, Bella Francisca from Missing Bee? for your new post!! it's great to know some new blogger friends like you



Me - smiling - made a wish - blew the candles - almost eating . . Strawberry Cheese Cake is my favourite. I always order it for my birthday. It's a big MUST!!! hahaha
And I took some photos yesterday, with my face full of make up * by feb *. Actually, I wanted a normal size heart on my lips, but feb made it too big , and if I erase it, it will take long time to make it again. I'm kinda late for course. And I think the make up make me look older and angry *like red queen in alice in wonderland*







detail of the skirt
unbranded top - forever21 floral skirt - unbranded heels - forever21 headpiece - forever21 necklace - forever21 black bangle - gold belt bracelet from taiwan - forever21 gold bracelet - forever21 silver bangle - naughty bug bracelet

make up by red pump shoes

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday dear!! may God always bless u & wish u all the best yaa :D
wooowww your makeup looks WOW. :9

bella francisca said...

haha thanks for your post :p
heyy, your lip is soo MWAHHH! hahahaah! geisha!
btw, gimmee some piece of cheese cake please :3
and, nice looks, LOL!

xoxo, bee ♥

Rimma Izzaty said...

happy bday nat :)
GBU . semoga cepet sukses :D hehehe

michelle_ said...

happy birthday dear :)
bibir nya lucu deh :)
check my blog out at...

dont forget to enter my sex and the city film set tour giveaway !

AlvianaKalin said...

woghh what a unique make up! i love ur outfit so much! skirt nya bagussss.
Btw, happy bdae to you again!!
thanks for the bdae comment too yah nat..:)

ye55i said...

Happy birthday yaaah... wish u all the best! =)
as always, your accessories are great! hahaha.. the red lipstick is cute.

han q said...

happy bday nath, GBU :)
makeupny lucu bnget, rokny jga :)

tattoo freak

Nora said...

happy bday dear!
the lipstick was very red queen! so cuteeeee! =))

hugs and kisses,
Fashion Fantasy Land

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

happy birtday yach...

kelly said...

Happyy birthdayyy yaaaa Gbuu! hv a blast!


Anonymous said...

selamat hari burung natalie cantik :) i've something for you.hehe :P
see you soon and you look so perfect.bibir lu sexy abiesss.hehe

- t h a m i a - said...

hpy bday lg natt hoho :D lcu bangett deh top sm skirtnyaaa hihihi :)

Elizabeth said...

happy belated birthday! you have such great style! i love your skirt!


deekkyy said...

happy birthday for you...

fhen said...

have a great birthday dear!
sorry for the late greeting
wish u all the best and hope your wishes come true :)

love that LOVE lips so cuuutee


A N A S T A S Y A said...

it's cute what febri has made in your face haha...lovely skirt btw, love the cutting!

Melissa said...

love the accessories! beautiful floral skirt!! hope you had a great birthday! the cake looks yum ;)
new follower :)

Ugnė said...

I know im a bit late, but still - happy birthday toooo youuuuu!:DD

You look gorgeaus!

Thanks for linking me, Im gonna link you as well!
Follow each other? :]

Have a great weekend!


dianAurora said...

heyyy... happy b'day dear..
sorry i am too late to say it .

love ur cake . ur skirt . n ur white shoes !

u r look funny and cute with red lipstick on ur lips. jadi inget sama jeng kelin . hehehe :))

btw , i've followed u on ur twitter too . wanna follow me dear ?

@dianAurora816 . = it's me ! (:


em.me.ma said...

happy birthday!
WOW the last few pictures are absolute eye candy; love every inch of it.


Wulan said...

happy birthday!
hehe but you look very sexy in red love lips! hehe ;p
love your necklace so much! it's adorable! :D

{ I V Y } said...

cute cake! i love your lips and bow haha

Owen said...

wakaka your lips nat.. looks like jeng kelin deh kamu wkwkw
thankyooou :) iya itu foto yearbook gitu hehe

AlvianaKalin said...

thanks for commenting on my blog yah nat. itu vestnya punya mamaku loh *vintage finding hahahaha. btw, itu kuenya kue cheesecake yah? ada almondnya gitu..nyamm

yoshilalala Ooº°˚˚°ºo:Ooº°˚˚°ºo:O said...

natoo.. omg bibir lu napa? wkwwkss..

kerens to tetep cakep seperti biasa.. haha sip

Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

cute lips.. hahah :DD
happy birthday, dear ! :DD

nika r. said...

Nat... happy birthday dear..
soooorry i am too late to say it =/
i love your lips and bow.. so cute!