Saturday, May 1, 2010

Poisonous Snake

Heyy i want to share something with you guys. I'm a bit mad with my friend. My junior actually. She laughs at me because i like to buy cheap clothes like Monaco, N.y.l.a, etc. So what?? Why people can't stop talking about someone behind her back? I don't care how expensive my clothes, if I like to buy cheap clothes , I am the one who wear it, not you! I don't have many branded clothes like you, I know you are rich, but can't you see there are thousands of people who can dress better than you without branded clothes? Please just stop blaming her! It's her right to tell me, and i want her to tell me. If you don't want I know what you talk about me behind my back, don't say it in front of her. It's your own fault

Okay just forget it. This photoshoot session was taken in front of my house*now* and I was a bit lazy to post it yesterday. hahaha. I didn't wear red lipstick as always because i thought it will make my outfit too much









the shoes and snake skin legging pattern

connexion balck tank top - guess white shirt - yellowline blue sanke skin legging - unbranded heels - unbranded hat - forever21 chanel look a like necklace - forever21 gold necklace - unbranded gold studds bangle - juicy couture snake skin bangle - tigerbracelet from bandung -random bracelets from bandung - forever21 panda ring - forever21 love ring - valencia black heart ring - forever21 connected cross rings - stoberi black and white cross ring


- t h a m i a - said...

just ignore those people nat, your style is always awesome! :D heels sm leggingny kren! :D

Anonymous said...

yup bnr bgt tuh nat org kaya gitu ngeselin abis, ga semua yang branded itu juga bagus kok, kita bisa cantik bhkn lbh cantik walaupun ga pake yg branded..itu tergantung orang yang pake juga cocok atau ga,ya kan?? sudahlah memang forget it nat.. yg penting kamu KEREN SELALU..
love you natt..hehe :))

han q said...

yg pnting kn cra make-nya, klo brangny branded tpi makeny ngasal ya sma aja boong
heels-ny keren :D

oxox, djhanq
tattoo freak

Tabitha said...

remember that : fashion is not WHAT you wear, but HOW you wear :)
so whatever they said about you girl.. ignore it!
love your leggings anyway..
LOVE, beauty splashes

ladytjahjadi said...

aww thankss darling :)
heart you accesories on this post nat :D
too muchhh but still great ;D

Elizabeth said...

dont worry about those kind of people! wear what you want with confidence! your outfit is amazing and so are these pictures! i love your accesories!


u-ung said...

huaaa..aksesorisnya keren2!!beli d mana??

dianAurora said...

yaa, ampuun .. ngeselin banget tuu orang ! sombong banget yakk ?!
padahal kan sebenarnya terlihat cantik or keren tuh gaa mesti pake barang / outfit yg branded , yaa gaa ?!

yaudahlah, orang kaya gitu mah gaa usah dipeduliin :)

love ur shoes !!!

beckyxoxo said...

Nat happy belated birthday yah! So sorry telat banget gw baru tau hiks. I've followed your twitter, biar gak ktinggalan brita :D Anyway, emang kenapa yah kl pake cheap clothes? Yg pntng ttep stylish drpda pake yg mahal2 tp gak stylish haha. Look at you! You look super cool! And as always, I'm in love with your accessories :)

Dylana Suarez said...

I love your blazer so so much!

K E M A Y U said...

i love unbranded!
pinter2 kitanya aj kalo ngemix n matchin,, iya gag?!

Amy T said...

Shes probaaly jealous that you can dress well without having to spend so much!

wear what you want and dont take notice!

ye55i said...

Aduuuhh.. malesin bnget sih temanmu ituuu.. kan brand itu bukan segalanya! malah byk kok barang yg gak bermerek yg oke2. tergantung gimana kita makenya aja. mestinya mkir2 dulu yah kalo ngomong gitu. hahaha. sudah tak usah dipikirkan yaaa... i love your style kok. nice necklaces and leggings. =)

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

that snake skin leggings are adorable!!

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Anonymous said...

very cute and dark outfit! loving the jewelry.

What the Street Wears said...

i love everythinggg *-* fantastic

sii miemi said...

fashion isnt how much ur bought expensive stuff,or wht a label and bla bla bla.. but its how u mix it be something unique and different, so just ignore them, they just envy w/ you nat..
and u outfit was cool, love ur legging...


Tifany said...

ngeselin banget teman kyk gitu. percuma juga kalau beli barang branded tapi ga stylish, lagian banyak barang murah yg bagus juga kok!

btw, I love your accessories. leging sama heelsnya juga cute!

with LOVE

Genn said...

nattooo :D :D
Take it easy.
haha. gaya lo ttp keren kok, nat!
I like it <3

AlvianaKalin said...

let me share you my best quote : 'you don't need branded things to be fashionable!'
So screw people like her! LOL

AlvianaKalin said...

ooppss, g sampe lupa mau koenin outfit mu. g suka bgt nat sama outfit lu yg ini..can't wait to see ur next post!

Owen said...

kerennya dirimu nat hehehe
btw check my new post yaaa

TiffanyAmanda said...

wah sabar yah sama tmenmu itu, ga smua brg branded jg bgs
btw great accessories, kemejanya juga oke banget (:

Anonymous said...

omg who cares about the price tags baby? gak semua barang branded bagus kan, lagian dia sirik kali nat sama lo, huehehe. : p
btw i really love your outfit :)

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

who cares about them you dressed really great, they just know about expensive clothes not how to wear it beautifully like you.

anyway love your blog :)

Kalyana. said...

love your studded bangle .
Mind to exchange link ?


Veren Lee said...

wow! d pake juga ci legging yg beli brg d yellowline! hahaha.
biarin lah ppl mau say what....
ak jg ga suka org yg maunya brg2 branded doang... emg yg murah jelek? nggak juga kan? heheheheh....
aplg org yg nilai style org, comment blog org, "point"nya slalu sm brg branded... huffff

bella francisca said...

hello nat, hitam skali iniii :p
tpi kereeeenn! omg! always look fabulous LOL ;)
check my new post

xoxo, bee ♥

Anonymous said...

hahahaa dasar nat lu godain gw aja,gw lagi missing you tau.heehe :p

michelle_ said...

love the shoes nat !
btw, no need to listen to that friend of yours :) style doesnt depend on the pricetag.. ive seen people who wear branded clothes and they just look like a hag :)

you're one stylish girl. and u dont need to worry about what others say about you :)

fyi.. i never read the outfit details of people's blog anyway :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

halo,,,i luv ur shoes and ur,,dont u wanna publish ur award from me??

Turquoise and Lily said...

hi... love your blog :) you are as stylish as your sister..
join my giveaway on
mind to exchange link?

Meilinda said...

ih ga banget sih juniornya ngmg kyk gtuu. pasti itu org sirik doaang.
you're really great koq! biarin aja org ngmg apa. .^^ love your outfit !

btw already followed n linked you yaahh..

Kalyana. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nora said...

just ignore your friend nat!
she is just jealous with you. You can still look fashionable without all the branded things. and you have a great style. Keep it up, girl! =))

aku gag tinggal di PB nat. tp deket daerah sana juga. kurang lebi 15-20 dr rumah ke PB. =))
di PB banyak tanah kosong tuh buat outdoor photoshoot.

hugs and kisses,
Fashion Fantasy Land

Melissa said...

i love your accessories! i love to buy cheap clothes too, my theory is: the cheaper they are (as long as you like them) you more you get to buy!!


Shanen Arantza Kurniawan said...

geez cool outfit. i like ur and ur sister's style :) simply cool. keep blogging, natz ! have a nice day ahead =]

lauren lanza osias said...

i freaking love your style. all of the jewels, piled up! super hot. great blog!
met gala review... the good, bad, & hot damn messes...

yOka said...

love those earrings