Sunday, April 25, 2010

Madame Marmalade

This photo session is taken at Taman Permata Buana, in front of my new house. I can't wait to move in!! I loveeeeee outdoor photoshoot, but my house*now* doesn't support to. And the location of my new house is really good, because there are small gardens in front and beside my house.



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unbranded innerwear - stripe loose shirt from bandung - monaco floral skirt - forever21 lace socks - unbranded star wedges - unbranded baby pink and blue bracelet - DIY pink and white bracelet - tiger bangle from bandung - juicy couture blue snake skin bangle - forever21 black bracelet - black and white crystal ring from grandma - unbranded square ring - unbranded tiger ring - forever21 silver and blue ring - forever21 necklaces wear as belts

i forgot to take a photo of my accessories, so i took it at home :(

I had a little birthday party with my best friends *miss my best friend, Ester who couldn't come. She has to practice for her piano concert* at Waraku Japanese Dining, Grand Indonesia.

rilda, kimberly, kharista, kristi, agnes, kathleen, chelsea, devina, yulita, me

And then i had a little blogger meet up with Anita from Joy and Amore , Bella from Missing Bee?, Diana from Call Me Diiiyn!, Febrina from Red Pump Shoes * haha i meet her everyday actually* , Hanifa from Tatoo Freak, Lalita rom LALITA, and Anita's friend, Iling. So sad my family had another family time so i must go home earlier :( But at least i have met you guys, had a great day with all of you :)







begonia - iced lemon tea
look at lalita's cute face and bella being Madame Bella Richie Rich :)
me, iling, febrina, anita, hanifa, bella, lalita



left to right - hanifa, bella, lalita, me, diana, anita, iling


lalita tian said...

awww udah di post juga wkwkwk
gw demen bgt rok u sama accessories nya hehehehe asik yee punya nci yg seleranya sama hahaha
it was so nice to meet u dear! kapan2 ktemuan lg yaa hehehe

han q said...

cpet ya, udh dipost
kewl tiger bracelet :))

oxox, djhanq

kristieeiskristie said...

loving your hair on those first photos <3 do you blow it or something?

Jackrabbit Shop said...


Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

I like your outfit! Your new place looks really nice.

Veren Lee said...

jadii. coming soon tp. kbanyakan ntar accessories :P. wait yah <3

veren .a little princess.

kelly said...

you're welcoma natalie heheh.
iyaa kmren ak jg smpet lyat dirimu sekilas heheh :)
skirt nya lucu! love it!

xxo keellleeyy:)

kelly said...

you're welcoma natalie heheh.
iyaa kmren ak jg smpet lyat dirimu sekilas heheh :)
skirt nya lucu! love it!

xxo keellleeyy:)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

hei,,check this link,,

i give u an in your blog..

Elizabeth said...

i love your outfit!
all of you are so fashionable! and that food looks scrumptious! and i definently will follow you back! you have such a lovely blog! :)


Anita Putri said...

hei nat,lu kamaren agak pendiem gitu,hehehe.thank you ya mau bertemu dengan ku.hehe :) love your outfit nat semuanya gw suka rasanya mau gw ambil deh.hehehe.hope we can meet again you nat

michelle_ said...

saw some of these pics at febri's blog :)
you all look utterly gorgeous ! really jealous of the small soiree at soho u guys had :)

enjoy your upcoming week !
glisters and blisters

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for the lovely comment!!

I really do love your skirt and you surely seem to have such fun time at the blogger meet up. You all look really really chic :)

lalita tian said...

ahahahaa seep! yaampun muka gw banyak bgt di post yang camen2 wkwkwkk malo ahh

deekkyy said...

wah ada anita putri juga :)
happy blogging
kunjungi balik

u-ung said...

huaaa potong rambut yah??

dianAurora said...

duuwwwhhh, daritadi buka blognya Anita, febri , gue liat poto-poto kalian semuaaaaa...

hmmm... emank enak yahh rasanya jumpa with sesama fashion blogger ituu !

jadi pengen !!! (:

visit back dear ...

blackecstasy said...

happy belated bday natz and i love ur flats :)
love this postt :))
have a great weekend <3

yudia aiiu

Brenda evans said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brenda evans said...

aaa enak yaa pada meet upppp, huaha. rame bgt.
like ur skirt :))

brendaa .THOSE SHOES

Brenda evans said...

iyaa,haha. btw happy birthdayy yaa. maap telat. hhe

►vheeya◄ said...

thanks for visit my blog, i visit you back. nice blog dear! enak ya pd meet up :) i knew diiyn.
anyway, mind to ex-link?

Olive said...

what a nice shoes xP

- t h a m i a - said...

thankyou for the advives. maybe youre right nat, i should off for a while in this awesome blogsphere. i'll consider it :) and nice outfit! love everything you wear hehe.

AlvianaKalin said...

natt lucu sekali rok mu..btw, that must be nice having a quality time together with the girls..:) can't wait to meet you in person, and also your sister febri. kangennn! :D

dianAurora said...

ya samasama .
eh, emank kamu sama febri tuh kaka-adek yahh ? ahaha . gue baru tauu :DD

ye55i said...

Hey... itu di little baghdad gading batavia... tapi bagusan yang di kemangg, soalnya lebih gedeee.. hehehe..

Love your skirt, nat.. and your bag seems nice too.. =)

btw i'm following you now..

6roove said...

lovely socks!

bella francisca said...

sbb natooooooo (gue jd ikut"an die pnggil lu nato)
haha kn gue udh blg mukany yg cacad kea wanita bermulut robek, serem gt LOL!
aduh gue jg mauuuuu cantik abis tuh org, brjalan d smpingny bgaikn brsm model! <3

xoxo, bee ♥

bella francisca said...

sbb natooooooo (gue jd ikut"an die pnggil lu nato)
haha kn gue udh blg mukany yg cacad kea wanita bermulut robek, serem gt LOL!
aduh gue jg mauuuuu cantik abis tuh org, brjalan d smpingny bgaikn brsm model! <3

xoxo, bee ♥

UgnÄ— said...

Lovely outfit, and you all girls look so great! :]
Im happy for you, that you r moving into a new house! :]

see you around! ;]

K E M A Y U said...

seems so fun if all of you were gathering

sii miemi said...

wow u look have fun guys..
too bad i cant go that day..
well next time we should meet yea..
btw i've linked u dear, mind too linked me back..


ladytjahjadi said...

natoo , aduh suka wedgesnyaa ! :D
haha . heelsnya unique gitu :)

diana! said...

love your first photo nat!hhhaa u b2 ama s feb accesoriess na gila2 d sukaa!g comment in d fashion tag na gogirl footo u:)
have a nice day ya:)

Marla Singer said...

such a cute outfit <33

diana! said...

bener kok.itu tight nya g bkin bgtu aja.hhhaa ga g pake mpe atas.hhhaaa

sii miemi said...

i've linked u back, hehe..
yeay i cant wait to see u

miss spy said...

nathalieee happy belated birthday yaa. love ur pictures and stuffs! btw, please follow me at -thanks-

xo, miss spy.

Susan said...

love your outfit!! and itu meet up nya looks really fun :D

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

nice photo session :) and fun birthday party...

love your skirt cute~!

myrrh goldframe said...

wow!!!!!!!! great meet up! i'll have a meet up too this week with Jogja's blogger. hope i'll find the great times like yours. <33

blackecstasy said...

sayang ayo post lagi :)
Big Kiss
yudia aiiu

Castor Pollux said...

nice outfit natalie!
hehe cici ade sama-sama stylish

Castor Pollux

nika r. said...

all of you are so fashionable!
great times!

have a nice weekend :)

big kiss

Annkaf said...

aww you look so pretty!

Alyssa Rose. said...

you are absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


Daniellmpm said...

lovely socks!