Saturday, August 7, 2010

Double TVs

Who knows why did I write "Double TVs" as the title of this post? Hahaha yes, I wrote it because both things that I want to tell you begin with T and V. The first one is , I was featured on TeenVogue last Thursday :) Yeayyy!! I was the best dressed reader of the day on August 5th. May be some of you have read my tweet or the article on TeenVogue's website, but I was and am soo happy so I'm gonna post the screenshots too :) Click HERE to see the whole article
And now, as what I've promised you, I'll tell you about my holiday , last July. On last holiday, I went to Macau and Hongkong. There are so many photos taken there and I'll post it one by one *one post isn't enough hahaha XD*. Okay now let's start the story. I went to Singapore first because I had to transit there. I took night flight there, I was scared beacuse I always fly in the morning or noon. But everythings went okay. Then on the next day, I went to city to shop and eat . And this is the second TV ,a famous hotel in Macau, The Venetian. Hahaha I have no idea about the title. Back to Macau. I really love the architecture and the room I stayed! But I don't want to live in a classic house. I'm more into minimalist. I'm a bit scared if I live there forever. These are some photos taken on the first two days *actually first day because I flew at 10 o'clock* . Enjoy the photos :)
cavalier dress- gaudi belt - flats from taiwan - elle bag - unbranded gold studs bangle - warna pastel ball bracelet - naughty bug bracelet - sugar babes bangle - phoebe&chloe random bangles - forever21 coin ring - valencia heart ring - phoebe&chloe ribbon ring - forever21 love ring *FYI, I wore the same accessories during the trip, so i won't post any accessories photo anymore*



me and feb . Hahaha taking silly photos in the air










photographed by : me, feb, and self timer hahaha
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jacobian said...

wow...congrats for the featured.and you're holidaying in hongkong is just one of the miracle in life.

anyway you still look amazing there.

Melissa said...

that looks so fun! I'm going to hong kong in a few weeks!

Rimma Izzaty said...

iya pake photoshop :D hhehehe
ii wow, itu di hongkong?

joninel said...

wow...nice little venice in Macau!!! and congrats for the feature :)

Catherine Catarina Au Jong said...

nice pictures and smiles!


Anonymous said...

motif dress kamuu bagus aku suka <3
dewasa bgt feb haha
(y)(y) a thumb for each of you

Lia Waroka Putri said...

Aw HK! I visited the hotel too the last time I went there and its amazing! The cloud painting on walls are awesomely beautiful <3 Congrats for ur featuring and love ur dress!XO,BarbieJunk

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

@anonymous: thanks a lot:)) iya dy skrg ud lebih simpel gt ktny ud gede ud ga prlu yg terlalu tabrak" hehehe

Kelly Lingga said...

aww congrats for the teenvogue thing and it seems a great trip!

xoxo kelly

Jennifer said...

venetian hotel @macao??
yeh it's cool :DD

Veren Lee said...

love love lovee your dress c! Foto2ny jg keren2 :D

Veren Lee said...

love love lovee your dress c! Foto2ny jg keren2 :D

Nabila RH said...

yes, it looks so much fun i can tell. can't wait to see the next post. hehe.
you guys looking really pretty. and congrats for the featured. :) :)

Luchie said...

congrats :) I think you deserved it because you have a lovely outfit! I love your floral dress, so cute

thanks for joining my giveaway :D

vivi said...

congrats for ur feature on teenvogue !
just came across ur blog and simply like it, followed you :D

you seemes to have a great trip and love all the photos.

vdcouture said...

loving the look!! you and your sis looks super gorgeous, and venetian are super fab right :) loved it there <3 waiting for the next post :p


hanifa qurratuaini said...

congrats for the feature nath :)
and, itu windows 7? wow

oxox, djhanq
tattoo freak

ABIGAIL NY said...

CONGRATS!! outfit is amazing you deserve it!
and that hotel is beautiful, can see why it's famous!

vecha ♥ said...

congarts darling.
your outfits is always looks perfect.
awww Hongkong! i want go to hongkong!
looks very fun in there :)

agustinaselviana said...

wow congrats yaa!
love your floral dress btw :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for comment kak and congrat for the featured + a nice trip in macau. I just know macau from bbf hehe. Have a blast day!

issye margaretha kamal said...

wow. have a blast. selamat yaa :) nice blog btw

ye55i said...

Congrats ya Nat! =)
hahaha, i love to see the wonderful pictures of yours in Macau.

Emma said...

Wowzer, congratulations on being featured! That is quite special :)

Your pictures look so good; you must have had an amazing time x

Nadine said...

like your Blog.
You are in Macao wow cool


cakep abis kamu sama feb wkt di hongkong!
and congrats yah of the featured!


Ashley said...

Congrats on being featured on Teen Vogue, that is so cool! I love your jewelry here too, especially that gorgeous watch!


Ms. sHiRo said...

Congratulations for being the best dressed reader. Such a great appreciation.
Your holiday looks so much fun too. Those photos are adorable:)

Sounds Like a Parfait

kayla marie said...

nice post! congrats on teenvogue!!
and thanx for visiting my blog :)

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

congrats for teen vogue :)
and that was an amazing holiday


Anonymous said...

I saw you on the teenvogue website :)
Your blog is amazing, and your outfits are so cute!

Tiffany said...

congrats for featured :)
love your outfit at hongkong and Macau.
Nice trip :)

Owen said...

aaaa jadi kangen hongkong :)
btw nice floral dress nat :)

AlvianaKalin said...

Macau must be so great!! judi gak lu sama febri? LOL XD
btw, I love the floral dress! :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...
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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Congrats on your featured in TeenVogue.
Love your floral dress! :)
And I also love the Venice lookalike buildings in Macau, so classic and vintage-ish :]

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Congrats on your featured in TeenVogue.
Love your floral dress! :)
And I also love the Venice lookalike buildings in Macau, so classic and vintage-ish :]

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Jaqueline said...

thanks nat :D
ia keknya shutterya lama trs gw goyang2-in :)
seru banget di hk :b

okky dommy said...

waww,congrats darl for your futured, nice trip btw:)

piapia said...

it looks you really had a great trip dear! :) i like your accessories so much :)

diana! said...

congrats nat!nice holiday ya?:)

Audrey Allure said...

Congrats on the feature & great photos!

Maxie said...

hi! thanks for your comment on my blog!
i'm so glad to discover your blog!

Zabrinah said...

Congratulations, dear, on being featured as a Teen Vogue Best Dressed Reader. How Awesome! That's an amazing accomplishment.

And these are lovely photos. This is another brilliant post. I really had a good time reading it.


P.S. Wow! That's a lot of jewelry!

Anonymous said...

congrats dear for the featured. kamu memang oke :)

nail polish mu keren, pastinya asik deh your floral patterns sweetie.

Ulrika said...

congratulation(: the pics are lovely, and i have to agree with you, i also like minimalistic interiors!

autumn renee said...

your trip looked lovely from wat ive seen and read and u have a rad taste in jewlery and i loved your best dressed picture on teen vogue congrats!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

wow,,congratz and seem so much fun in ur holiday..

Marisa Fransiska said...

congratz :) u deserve it, girl ! u have one cool genuine style :D


DianAurora said...

congratulation naaatt! and wowww, you've great holiday! i love the floral dress anw , sooo pretty! (:

F i K a said...

congratulations for the featured nath!! :)

you and your family must had so much fun in hongkong..happy for youu :)..nice pictures!!

Wulan said...

congrats to the featured on Teen Vogue!
what a fun holiday, is'n it? :D
hasil foto2 kamu bagus2 banget deh nat!

Kalyana Dewi said...

congrats for being featured on teen vogue!
nat, hasil foto kamu bagus" banget deh, apalagi landscape and gedung" di sana. it reminds me to BBF :)

have a nice day, pretty

Sovina said...

congrats on the feature..u sure must be best dressed...the floral print is adorable and the belt is amazing :)

They call me Cee. said...

tons of fun! cantik floralnya :)

Lovely Curse

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

wow, amazing pics, looks like you had a great time:D

genial said...

what about the black stilleto with the 13cm heel?!?!?

Taj Acosta said...

congrats for the feature! Love the pics too! hugs

Ladyulia said...

congratulation ya girl

Natalie said...

nice rings


Turquoise and Lily said...

love your pictures nat.. and febri is so pretty.. but some photos can't be shown.. :(

monica wibisono said...

really love your dress and flat shoes nat :)
you look so pretty there :D