Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's All About School

I'm not in my best mood . My photobucket account has approached the limit of 10GB bandwidth so my photos won't come out till next month. So sad :(( I've made a new account because I think I can't stand seeing my blog without my usual photos. Cheer up!! :( Now like what I've written on the title bar, I'll tell you about my school days. Actually I want to post some holiday photos but unfortunately my English teacher, Sir Teguh gave us a homework to write about our last weekend on our blogs. So I'll postpone my holiday post till next week *I hope so*
I didn't do anything new on my last weekend. Just did my simple routine. I had my basketball club in the morning . Actually I had to practice dance for my school's concert but I love basketball more than dance *although I can't dance:( I'm different from my best friends. They are all in the dance team* so I skipped it . My school has just turned 60 and they're going to have a Musical Drama Concert on August 21st . I didn't do anything after play basketball so I decided to go to my new house's project with my Dad. I want to see how far it's done. It has been a while since I last go there. Well, I've been very busy since holiday so I can't make it when my parents went there.

I went to a family dinner in the evening. The same place and almost the same foods all the time. It is my family's favourite restaurant. It's not as formal as the other restaurants and the foods are delicious. That's why I like it. As always we took so many silly photos but only with my dearest cousins. My sister went camping with her university and her juniors. She is in the organization and she is also one of the orientation crews. Yeahh I think that's all about my weekend. I hope my it's more than 200 words because I didn't count it ,Sir. Hahaha enjoy the photos :)

The belt was to big for my waist *actually it's not a high waist belt* so I tied it
minimal tank top - cotton on skirt - monaco lacey cardigan - n.y.l.a belt - ol shop oxford heels - unbranded bag - phoebe&chloe hair piece - forever21 cross necklace - bangles from hongkong - white bangle from hongkong - phoebe&chloe random bracelets - the little things she need pink bracelet - phoebe&chloe ribbon ring - valencia heart ring - stroberi cross ring - barbie triangle ring
sorry I didn't take the foods' photos because as what I've told , we order almost the same food everytime we eat there and I've publish some photos of them on my old post. But the photo on the left *above* was a new menu so I took a photo of it
And now it's time for giveaway information. Do you want this marvelous Juicy Couture bracelet? There is also the pink one. This giveaway is holded by Melissa Tjioe from Dreamworld . It's easy to join it. Just click HERE and follow the instruction. Wish me luck guys :) Have a nice day


monica wibisono said...

really love the bag and the top nath ! :) loved the lacey so !


joninel said...

nice accessories!!! love them all

check my latest post ya :D

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit, so pretty! :)

Rimma Izzaty said...

cute outfit :D

Kristie said...

kamu skolah dimana nat?
can't wait til you move to serpong. we're gonna be near then :) haha

jacobian said...

seems like a great restaurant.what's the restaurant named then?maybe I can go there.hehe..

anyway for photobucket matter, I think you should upgrade it to pro version to be able to use it's only cost 25 dollars per year though and you can pay it using have paypal right?

Jaqueline said...

hello nat,cieh you have done the homework :b
love your oxford shoes :D


vivi said...

will tell her deffinitely (re:the camera necklace) :D
i love love your ringg and ur shoes are pretty
awesome blog, followed you :)

yiqin; said...

Awesome skirt & jewelery!

Felicia said...

Lovely outfit :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment! Saw ur teacher's blog and its so simple! Keren yah guru mu bisa main blog. Btw, I like ur oxford heels. Have a blast day!


Wynne Prasetyo said...

lovely skirt, and great shoes to go with it :)

vdcouture said...

loving this look :) and those accessories look super cool!! you're great!!


AlvianaKalin said...

itu resto nya dimana natt? hehehe.. Btw, I love ur skirt so much! :)


awesome skirt nat!
I always love how the way you mix tons of accesorries together!


Bernadette Bianca said...

love your accessories and your skirt! they are so cute :)

The Coronet

ash said...

beautiful skirt!
love your outfit :)

Catherine Catarina Au Jong said...

nice shoes there :)


Nadine said...

no german.
Again cute outfit. Like it.

Melissa said...

your rings and shoes are mega awesome!!

Ladinia DalinTasya said...

i heart your skirt :)


Atikah Amalia said...

cute bracelets :D I love your skirt too. its floral , so vintage :D

cheers from Breakfast With Tea :D

Stardoll-trucchi Stuff said...

wee i am italian i love your look!!!^_^
your photo of vogue teen is in my blog!!!

Stardoll-trucchi Stuff said...

wee i am italian i love your look!!!^_^
your photo of vogue teen is in my blog!!!

Anonymous said...

love love love everything.
sepatunya keren bgt buu!!!

ayo semangat sekolah dan segala aktifitasnya ya nat.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving your skirt, shoes and outerwear! :)

Kalyana Dewi said...

it is cool and a little bit funny that your english teacher has a blog too :D
Love your bracelets nath, all of them <3

have a lovely TGIF :)

beckyxoxo said...

Ahh I'm having a lot of tests and projects too nat so sad ;( Love your outfit here ! Lovely skirt ! Great accessories as usual ;) Kenapa gak pake flickr aja ?

Anonymous said...

love your look, nat! esp your bag ;) the photos are also cool!

Castor Pollux

Eden said...

Cute outfit! And love your rings;))
come follow

Tiffany said...

loving your outfit especially your skirt! cute too !
great photos :) said...

cute stuff!@ love your purse :)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

love the bag and skirt!anw hv fun with your basketball club!;)xx,BarbieJunk

julia louise said...

Lovely outfit. Btw. your rings are adorable :-) <3

Eva Silviana said...

Oh yeah, keep on playing basketball ya nat. Siapa tau bisa main ke luar daerah juga sama temen2 jd banyak pengalaman ;D But i'm wondering, kamu sekolah dimana sih?
Nice skirt and shoes by the way :))

okky dommy said...

beautiful rings and you certainly:)

Stella Marsella N said...

Dear, Nathalie.

Hello dear! I'm Stella, nice to meet you. Oh gosh, i love your blog so much, it's very interesting.

Pretty skirt! I love it =)

Anyway, i just follow your blog! I'm the 173 =) Please follow me back, while I'm new in blogger life.

Thank you very much Nathalie.

Lots of love,

Audrey Allure said...

Love your outfit, great pictures!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

great outfit --- everything is put together perfectly from the skirt, shoes, bag and accessories!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Ms. sHiRo said...

Great pics. Love your floral skirt :)

Sounds Like a Parfait

Turquoise and Lily said...

aaa love your outfit from head to toe.. your skirt is so cute and also your random accessories

chie suci utami apsari said...

love ur accessories
you know what,i have the same shoes as you
exactly the same one
did u get it from a to z fashionline ol shop..:D

genial said...

fashion blog ternyata bener2 booming dan melonjak pesat di dunia maya... kemana2 melangkah pasti nemunya fashion blog... dalam kurung... photo2 narsis.... hueheheheh... keren2 photonya... cuma agag rada gelap iia?!?!?

Marisa Fransiska said...

hey ! love ur skirt, nath ! and i have the same bag like you in this post :)


Lianne said...

Im in love with your satchel bag, its gorgeous!Do you want to follow each other and exchange links?

valonia irene said...

love the way you tie your belt :)
and love to know your blog dear, mind to exchange link anyway?

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

That outfit is so cute! Thanks for your sweet words! Good luck in the giveaway!

clio said...

love the bag and the jewellery:) i followed you, great blog!

Sovina said...

love the shoes and the florals are so pretty...nice shots :)

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

cute outfits :) me loveey :D

agustinaselviana said...

i love your bag and your skirt nath :)
wanna follow back? thanks before :p

hkittygirl said...

You're so very cute! Just like your outfit! ♥

Ladyulia said...

Why u have to upload from photobucket?
why not from blogger directly?
by the way I like ur skirt
and goodluck with ur giveaway :D

Alexandra Gabriella Audrey said...

Very pretty nat! Suka bgt deh sama lacey cardigan nya :D


Ulrika said...

oh lovely photos, you have so nice shoes(:

Ulrika said...
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michelle_ said...

nattt.. kamu buat account flickr aja.. itu nga ada badnwidth nya :) loading nya jg cepet koo.. aku pake flickr jg :)

RE : ak nga perna ke HK disneyland jd nga tau bagusan mana..haha..

Ashley said...

I *hate* when photobucket does that! But I *love* your shoes and bag! Looking fab, as always! :)


Veren Lee said...

cutee bgt c nat! I lovee your skirtt :D

Stella Marsella N said...

Beautiful! :D


Jaqueline said...

hello nat :b
thanks for your comment
check out my last post yaa :)


vanessa27 said...

i love your shoesss XD


i've followed you :)
enjoy my blog